Getting Started With Windows 8 Release Preview & Development Using Visual Studio 2012

I upgraded my machine from Windows 8 Developer preview to Release preview and here is my experience.

Downloaded the Windows 8 Release Preview from

(You can find ISO files at

Once you downloaded the file, run it and windows 8 installation will kick in. The setup installed Windows 8 release preview preview on top of Windows 8 developer preview and I ended up having two OS on my system. During startup, I now have two OS to choose from, which is not what I wanted. So I used the Reset feature in Windows 8 and it cleaned all the drives and removed all the old Operating systems. I now have just one Windows 8 release preview on my machine. I really loved the Reset feature in Windows 8.


Fig 1: Screenshot of Upgrade agent


Fig 2: Personalize option during Windows 8 installation

Once I had the Windows 8 Release Preview installed and working, downloaded the VS 2012 to start development using the new OS. This will install the VS 2012 along with the Blend for Visual Studio.

Download the Visual Studio 2012 RC:

Once you install VS 2012 RC, get a  developer license for Windows 8 by opening the visual studio. The following figure shows the developer license dialog.

developer license

Next, downloaded the tools & sdk needed for the development.

Download the Tools & SDK:

Hands-on-labs, presentations, samples and resources from the Windows 8 camps at  Windows 8 Camp in a box.


Following are some of the useful links to get started with the Windows 8 development.

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