Flags Capitals Countries App


You can get the app from the store using the download link below!


Learn the flags of the world using this app. If you want to learn the capitals of all the countries then this app is your best choice. Know the official or native language(s) of the countries in the world.


  • Flags of Countries
  • Capitals of Countries
  • Official or Native Language(s) of the Countries
  • Semantic Zoom
  • Search Charm to search for any country
  • Search Suggestions automatically populated
  • Share Charm
  • Secondary Tile
  • Supports Snapped View, Filled View and Full view.


Figure 1: Main Screen showing list of countries


Figure 2: Detail Screen showing information for a selected country.

Windows features supported in the app:

• Semantic Zoom – Users can now easily navigate countries list within a single view. Semantic Zoom organizes countries alphabetically in a single view and presents the data using the letters of the alphabet. The user could then zoom in on a letter to see the countries associated with that letter.


Figure 3: Main screen showing semantic zoom. 

• Share charm – The app exchanges data with other apps without having to navigate away to share data. The app helps you to share content with another app or service quickly and easily by using Windows Share charm. So you can continue using the app and still share your information.


Figure 4: Detail screen information can be shared with other Windows 8 apps. 

• Search charm – Lets users search the app from anywhere in the system, including the app itself. Users will be able to use the Search charm to open a search pane where they can enter search queries and the app displays the search results with the following.
o Suggestions: Start typing country name in the search pane, and you will get a list of suggestions as well. Displays a maximum of 5 countries.


Figure 5: Detail screen information can be shared from other Windows 8 apps. 

o Filter List: Countries names can be searched. Simply start typing in the search charm and you’ll see your list of countries filter down to the one you are looking for.


Figure 6: Search screen displaying the results in full view mode. 


 Figure 7: Search screen displaying the results in snapped view. 

• Secondary Tile – The app enables you to pin a specific content or experience from an app to the start screen. Secondary tiles provide a direct link to the feature within the app. Pin any country or main features tile to the main screen and the app takes you directly to that feature.


Figure 8 : Start screen showing secondary tile of country Finland. 

• App Bars: The app bar contains contextual actions or commands for each screen in the app. Frequently used commands are kept near the right edge so that they are easy to reach by hand.


Figure 9 : Detail screen showing app bar. 

All tiles (screens) in the app support Share and Search contracts of Windows Store apps. The app adjusts the screen display perfectly in landscape, portrait, filled and snapped view.


Figure 10 : Main screen showing countries information in portrait view mode. 


Figure 11 : Main screen showing countries information in Filled view mode. 


Figure 12 : Main screen showing countries information in Snapped view mode. 


Figure 13 : Detail screen showing countries information in Snapped view mode.