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  1. Josef

    Hi Kishore,

    I liked your step-by-step Scrum template installation guide. I was wondering if you could tell me how to apply the new process template for an existing team project that I already have used MFS Agile process template. I would appreciate your help.
    Thanks, Josef

  2. Robert Tischer

    Can WRL be used to do Shell programming in the traditional VC++ COM sense? I wrote a test DLL based on the C++ WinRT Component using WRL. I expected to be able to set explorer.exe as the host .exe just like I do for standard Shell COM programs, but there was no Debugging option on the Properties->Configuration Properties page. It is completely missing. No way to designate the Command to run when I try to debug my WRL DLL. Do you know how to do this or if it is even possible with WRL?

    1. kishore1021 Post author

      Hi Robert,
      WRL is another way to write the WinRT Component in C++ apart from CX. Since WinRT is very specific about security and permissions, I guess they specifically don’t want to enable these options. I might be wrong. I have not tried using Shell in WRL for WinRT Component. Please post your question to the http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-PH/winappswithnativecode/threads and hopefully some C++/CX developer at Microsoft can answer it.

      Kishore Babu


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