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Creating Uninstall to MSI installer for publishing apps to the Intel AppUp Center

As part submitting the app to the Intel AppUp Center, we need to create an MSI for the application. A detailed explanation is given out by Intel on how to create an MSI at

One missing step here is setting up Uninstall options somewhere so that the user can uninstall the app. This is a requirement for the application to get accepted into the AppUp Center. After a couple of trials, i will able to successfully add Uninstall shortcut to my MSI. Here is the process i followed.

Step 1. Make a batch file (Uninstall.bat) with the following call

@echo off
msiexec /x {xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx}

Where {xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx} is the product code that is found in your setup project’s product code as shown in Fig 1. Make sure you include the brackets as well.untitled

Figure 1: Product Code in Properties window

Step 2: Add the Uninstall.bat in application folder. Right click on Application Folder > Add > File > Uninstall.bat as shown in Fig 2 and Fig 3


Fig 2: Add File


Fig 3: Select Uninstall.bat file that we previously created

Step 3: Click on "User’s Programs Menu" and select folder and right click and select "Create New Shortcut" as shown below2

Step 4: In the popup dialog, Select Uninstall.bat that we previously added to the Application Folder as shown below


Step 5: Click Ok.  Change the icon of Uninstall shortcut to the Uninstall.bat.
Uninstall shortcut > Properties Window –> Icon. Browse and select the application icon.

Build the project and you should now see a shortcut to uninstall in the Program Menu