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Data Binding–Source & Target

WPF Data Binding:

In data binding we establish a connection between the properties of two objects that are interested in binding. Binding means establishing a relationship or forming a bond between two entities. In this relationship, one object is referred to as the source and one object is referred to as the target. In the most typical scenario, your source object is the object that contains your data and your target object is a control that displays that data.

For instance, consider a Employee class with a EmployeeName property. If you want to show the EmployeeName property value in the TextBox UI and have the UI automatically change when the EmployeeName property value changes at run-time, you can bind the TextBox.Text property to the EmployeeName property of the Employee object as shown in the following figure 1.

image    Figure 1: Source & Target Objects in Binding

Download code from my article here.