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Technology Entrepreneurship – Final Team Presentation

Opportunity Execution Project gave a chance to your team to think about how to take your idea from a business plan on paper and turn it into a real company. For your final team presentation you will submit:

  1. An executive summary: no more than a paragraph
  2. A 10 minute video, or 10 slides

Your video should include a description of your product and the business model, as well as your team and how you got here. For the latter, it is always helpful to tell an appealing personal story.

More specifically your video should include the following:

  • Fundamental Problem. What is the fundamental problem you are solving for the end user of your product? What is the fundamental problem you’re solving for your customer (if it is different from the end user)? Give a quick recap of your OAP – just a reminder of your key points and the takeaway.
  • Product. What are you building or planning to build. A demo of your prototype if you have one.
  • Team. How did you find each other? How did you get here? Try to tell an appealing personal story.

From the following list, you should choose the ones that are applicable:

  • Business Model. You now have had some more time to think about your opportunity. Do you have any additional thoughts/changes about the business model?
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy.How would you sell your product? What distribution channels would you use? How would you create demand for your product?
  • Risk.Regarding financial, technical, people, and market risks; which one is of most concern? Which would you choose to address first and why? How would you manage or minimize each of the high-priority risks going forward?
  • Partners and Allies. Who will be your major partners? How will your product be made? Will your company produce all of the parts, or will it use external suppliers? How would you go about attracting these partners and allies to work with your company?
  • Funding. How would you fund your venture? Would you bootstrap, take money from venture capitalists, take funding from a corporate investor, etc?